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Independent hookup Services in Southern Colorado - Colorado - United States

Monet - independent female hookup in Southern Colorado Colorado United States

Monet - female hookup

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At least one of them published it online so the entire planet could see it. Sorry guy, but you get 4/ten for this. Who does not appreciate a superior initial name choose-up line? Mady (or should we contact her May?) completely fell for this guy’s clever play on words. Regrettably, we do not have Brendan’s answer but our guess is that unless pretty horny, this individual did not discover this pick-up line that clever. And this line will certainly NOT perform on all girls.

I have worked as a personal companion for 11 years and owned an agency employing other young ladies as personal companions for 10 years. I enjoy what I do immensely, I guess because no two days are ever the same. Though I am open-minded; I do prefer the company of men, as I am heterosexual. I am a social drinker and smoker, taking care not to smoke while in the company of a client and, when invited I will enjoy an occasional wine or wine cooler with a client. I do ask that my clients do not ask me about illegal
activities such as illicit drug use. I do have 4 tattoos, two small ones on each of my upper arms. I do not have any exotic body
piercings, just a small diamond that I wear in my nose from time to time and of course my ears. While entertaining my clients, I
will do all that I can to facilitate total enjoyment during our session together as Customer Service ranks very high with me and DISCRETION IS PARAMOUNT. Tipping is NOT required to receive any of the services that I provide, however if you are pleased with my
services and want to tip at the end of our meeting, that would be greatly appreciated, but I don't encourage, nor discourage tipping above my advertised donations. My promise to my clients is that I'll arrive at the place prescribed in a timely manner,
I'll be cordial and upbeat, yet professional and that I'll be showered and dressed in appropiate attire. In return I do ask that
my clients act in a respectable and responsible manner and be clean and showered. I do reserve the right to cancel an appointment without notice, but only in EXTREME cases, which is usually related to cleanliness, or rather, the lack thereof. If I deem a
client's physical person or environment to be unsanitary, I will cancel. I opperate with THE HIGHEST level of safety and
cleanliness for my own protection and to ensure longevity, not only for myself, but also for those that I enteract with. I believe
in having fun, but in a manner that's safe. If you are wanting MORE than a mere encounter, but rather an EXPERIENCE, perhaps I am the lady for you!

?United States,? Colorado,?Southern Colorado
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Name:? Monet
Gender:? female
Hair Color:? brunette
Hair Style:? long
Age:? 30
Height:? 5'8''?(172?cm)
Weight:? 174?lbs?(79?kg)
Bust:? 46D?(118?cm)
Waist:? 43''?(110?cm)
Hips:? 46''?(118?cm)
Body:? BBW
Ethnicity:? black
Specialty:? straight, masseuse, dominatrix
Available?To:? men
Availability:? incall, outcall
Affiliation:? independent

Monet - female independent hookup

Monet - female independent hookup